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I offer a few different packages for newborn photos. Again since I love more natural photos, I gravitate towards Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle sessions. ​


Fresh 48 Sessions take place within approximately the first 48 hours ​of baby being born at the birth place. They are to capture those first moments of kisses and snuggles. The little details that most forget during the hustle and bustle with nurses and doctors coming in and out. For more information regarding these sessions, please contact me as more details can be given on an individual bases for your birth plan!


Newborn Lifestyle sessions take place at your home and can be done anytime after baby is born. These are by far my most favorite session to photograph. The bond that is captured on your bed or in a rocking chair in the home that your baby will grow up in is a session that will last a lifetime! As babies love to be swaddled and sleep the newer they are, I do like photographing these sessions around 5-10 days new. However, these sessions are not only limited to that time frame. For more information regarding these sessions and when you feel comfortable to have someone in your home, contact me and we can discuss your desires. 

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